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Unless otherwise stated, terms and names appearing in these rules and conditions have the following meanings.

Casinoslot Abudantia B.V. with the license number 8048 / JAZ2014-034 of the company; E-Commerce Park Vredenberg, Curacao, is the official residence address.

Games: www.casinoslot.com are games that are grouped according to any division on the address of www.casinoslot.com, which are presented according to the relevant groups and can have different features.

Casinoslot; have the right to integrate, update or remove on all games.

Website: URL addresses or areas where www.casinoslot.com offers online casino games for its users. Related addresses can be updated or changed.

User is the name given to the individual who accepts the rules and conditions of the services of the website and who benefits from or uses the online casino games offered on the website under these terms and conditions.

User Account: A generic name given to accounts that can be opened as a user-specific online site on the website, accepting the terms and conditions of the website's services.

Terms and Conditions: To provide a fair and even distribution of the online casino games offered by the website, both user and website interests are protected and promoted. The general rules governing the boundaries of the relevant service are the whole. All statements and limitations in the Rules and the Terms have been drawn up in accordance with the rules of the game. For this reason, online chances can be updated due to innovations that may be experienced in the field of games or new risks that may arise. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, each individual who has a user account will be deemed to have accepted these updates.

1-Platform-based platforms and games offered on these platforms are offered by Casinoslot. The website has all the necessary agreements and copyrights for the presentation of these games.

2-The Terms and Conditions are binding agreements that govern the relationship between the users and the Casinos. These rules apply to both the website and the users.

3-The rules and conditions must be read at least once before filling in the registration form and having the user account; information about unintelligible phrases, terms or phrases should be obtained from customer service.

4-From the moment the user account is created, the relevant rules and conditions are deemed to be accepted. In other words, by creating a user account, it is confirmed that the related rules are clearly understood and adhered to.

5-Casinoslot has the right to update or add a new rule to these rules and conditions. The process of adding this change or rule can be carried out with or without information. It is the user's responsibility to be fully aware of the updated rules and conditions. The relevant update dates are shared in the "Terms and Conditions" section of the website. It can be understood from these update dates whether the corresponding transactions have been performed.

6-If a modified or newly added rule is deemed to be against the interests of the user or the changing rules are not accepted; the user account on the site must be requested to be closed and the use of the site must be stopped. Otherwise, online games will continue to be offered, subject to changing or updated rules.

7-Changes or updates to the "Terms and Conditions" become effective as of the date of publication, and the date of update indicates the date on which it entered into force.

8-All rules relating to the use of the Casinoslot User Account and Casinoslot Games are subject to these general rules and conditions.

9-Terms and Conditions can be presented in many different languages. In case of possible differences of meaning, English text will be taken as basis.

10-The games available on the website may be linked to Casino, Live Casino, Poker, Bingo, Scratch or a different gameplay. Related games and game contents can be changed by Casinoslot or a new game can be added to this content. Casinoslot reserves the right to modify, remove or add to the games.

User Account

1-Casinoslot online casino games can be played with virtual money and real money. In order to be able to use online casino games with real money; it is first necessary to make a deposit by means of a user account opened on the website. No payment will be made or any bonus will not be distributed for the service received with Virtual Money.

2-Users residing in the United States, US states or territories and in the United Kingdom may not have a user account on the Casinoslot website. Except for this country and territories, the website reserves the right not to serve any region or state.

3-In order to maintain financial transactions, Casinoslot may authorize certain financial institutions to carry out their payment transactions.

4-Each individual can only have 1 user account and 1 account can be used over a single IP. If you try to open or open more than one account, CasinoSlot may at its own discretion block some or all of your accounts.

5-The registration form must be completed in full to have a user account. It is the user's responsibility to provide the correct information. Casinoslot has the right to refuse account opening of any user. On user accounts; keeps the right to limit the betting.

6-"Personal Information" and "Contact Information" on the registration form must be filled in correctly. The accuracy of the information contained in the registration form is guaranteed by the relevant transaction. This may be caused by a change in information or an incorrect information, etc. In case of communication with Casinoslot, relevant information should be updated. In order to submit the correctness of the relevant information, Casinoslot users may request documentation from the identity or address statement. In the cases where the user account is held with any misrepresented information as the relevant information is used for payment transactions and online gaming services; the corresponding account can be closed or blocked by the website.

7-In order to have a user account, the username and password specified on the filled-in registration form must be unique to the individual. The safety of relevant information is the responsibility of the user. User account security can be provided through the e-mail address provided on the registration form. For this reason, e-mail addresses should be used exclusively for individuals. If the information is intentionally or unintentionally known outside the user account holder and the related account is used; Casinoslot can not be held responsible. In the case of abuse in this way; related accounts will be closed.

8-Transferring money from one user account to another user account is forbidden entirely for the use of another user without accepting any excuse.


1-The winning credits for all games on the Casinoslot website are kept in the respective user accounts.

2-If the credits reflected in the user accounts are not earned by the users due to any technical problems or the result of human error or the related credits related to another user; related bonuses will be taken back by Casinoslot. If these unreasonable credits are collected by the user, the users are obliged to pay the relevant amounts back to the website. If there are situations that may happen in this way; the user should make informed informations without losing time.

3-For users who make a deposit by credit card; Casinoslot may require that authentication and processing be submitted for security reasons. This request can be requested from each user for the reasons mentioned. By performing these transactions, it is prevented to obtain money laundering or unjust profits on the site.


1-All games on the Casinoslot can be played with the references contained in the user accounts within the limits of the games. No games can be played on the website or borrowed for any other purpose.

2-All information related to the deposit is included in the "My Account" section. Deposits can be made with the payment methods in this section. Payment methods may differ from country to country.

3-Depending on the preferred payment methods for deposits, transaction fees or charges may be charged. Limitations of payment methods can be accessed in S.S.

4-User accounts; It is built on Euro, Dollar and TL currencies. Therefore; payments made must be made only through these currencies. In case the payment currency does not match the user account currency; the relevant deposit is made according to the current exchange rate. Casinoslot can not be held responsible for the expenses arising from currency exchange.

5-Bank approval is required for deposits made with Credit Card and Bank Account Card. If no bank approval is given, the relevant deposits will be deemed invalid. This process is systematically automatic.

6-For deposits made; casinoslot may request documentation for additional authentication and deposit. In the event that this request is made and the related documents are not submitted, Casinoslot has the right to close the relevant user account.

7-Time deposits and interest transactions can not be applied in any way to the funds in the user accounts. Casinoslot is just an online game site.

8-In case of depositing with EMP CORP payment system; Money is transferred in electronic environment. The amount related to the transfer of money can be spent with the electronic wallet. In the event that you wish to withdraw the relevant amounts without using any online casino games service; Casinoslot has the right to charge a fee as much or more than the amount of the relevant deposit.

Withdraw money

1- If you have sufficient funds in user accounts, you can make withdrawals with the payment methods available for user accounts according to rules and withdrawal limits. If a new request is made before a requested withdrawal has been approved, such withdrawal requests may be consolidated or canceled if deemed necessary. Before making a withdrawal request, you must bet on the games as much as the deposit amount. Otherwise, withdrawals may not be successful or canceled. It is only Casinoslot who decides whether or not to proceed in accordance with this rule.

2- All bets made through the user account must be completed before the entire account in the user account can be collected by withdrawal.

3- Users must provide all withdrawal requests using withdrawal methods available on the website. E-mail, Live Help and telephone withdrawal requests are not accepted.

4- Player can win 10 times of the daily deposit amount or a maximum amount of 100,000.00 of the players account currency per  day  - € / $ / £ / ₺. Every user has the right to do one withdrawal per day. The lower limits applied for the withdrawals are shown on the withdrawal page.

5- In order to ensure safe and smooth withdrawal of funds, Casino Slot may require authentication documents from users.

6- The "Client Analysis" (KYC) notation shall be applied to the account of the Players who make deposits equal or above the equivalent amount of 2.300 EURO in thier chosen currency. If deemed necessary, identity, sometimes other additional documents may be required to approve the actual person.

7-Process of withdrawal requests may take up to 24 hours in business days. Bank transfers do not occur during the weekends. Any outstanding withdrawal requests are processed on the following business day. There are no withdrawal restrictions on Platinum Accounts as this rule does not apply to " VIP Platinum" accounts.

Closing User Account

1- Each user can close the Casinoslot user account at any time. If the corresponding account close is made and there is an amount in the user account balance; the relevant transaction or expense charges are deducted according to the withdrawal method to be used and these amounts are returned to the user. Account close operations mean the termination of the contract between the user and the website. If account closing is done due to the online casino games reaching the level of dependency; this information should be shared in writing with Casinoslot.

2- The choice of withdrawal method depending on the transaction to be made due to account closing operations is entirely at the initiative of Casinoslot.

3- Casinoslot may terminate the user account without any informational obligation, or for any reason, and take account of the relevant user account according to the withdrawal method to be used; has the right to payment by cutting the transaction costs.

4- Casinoslot may terminate the user account if martingale or another systematic gameplay is detected.

Bonus and Freespins

1- The bonuses given to the user by casinoslot will not be used within 1 month or canceled if the related bonus cycle is not completed. Balances earned on the bonus within 1 month if the conversion conditions of the related promotion are not completed; it will be canceled.

2- A promotion or bonus can only be used once by 1 user. The limit on the use of a bonus on the same home, household, residence address is limited to 1 again. The relevant bonuses can only be used once via the internet connection (University, Office, Workplace etc.) for the same ip address or common areas. Casinoslot reserves the right to close related user accounts or block user accounts if this rule is abused and the rule is violated.

3- A bonus can not be combined in any way with a different bonus. The current bonus cycle needs to be completed in order to take advantage of a different bonus or promotion.

4- Casinoslot reserves the right to cancel the bonuses of users who want to obtain unjustified profits by abuse of promotions, to ignore or delete the credits earned in the event of such misuse and to close the accounts concerned.

5- The abuse of promotions may also be carried out on the basis of a common decision of multiple user accounts. In the event of such a situation, all rights expressed are applicable.

6- The rules and conditions of the promotions on the website can be changed without any obligation to inform. Casinoslot has the right to change, update, renew or remove a promotion. Users can track these improvements on the Promotions / Bonus page.

7- Casinoslot reserves the right to exclude any promotion from users of a particular group of users or residents of a particular territory and not to apply this promotion to the users concerned.

8- Bonus and promotion rules are violated by any user or user group; Casinoslot reserves the right to cancel the bonuses, bonuses and bonuses by examining the relevant user accounts, provided that there is sufficient evidence or proof to secure unfair advantage. It also has the right to deny the user or groups of users from these promotions and promotions to be made in the future.

9- Bonuses or bonuses earned from promotions are credited to the user's account when the relevant bonus cycle is completed. Withdrawal requests made before the bonus cycle is not completed or bonuses earned through the associated bonuses are deleted from the user account. In other words, only accounts that complete the bonus cycle can make withdrawals.
10- Casinoslot points can be earned for bets on games. 1 point for every 100 € / $ / £ / ₺ bet. 100 Casinoslot points are equivalent to 1€ / $ / £ / ₺. At least 1000 points must be collected in order to be able to score points. The amounts related to the deodorization are automatically reflected in the user account. The maximum amount that can be earned from CasinoSlot points is € / $ / £ / ₺ 5000. The General Bonus Terms apply for the Casinoslot points application.

10- Maximum amount to withdraw with live casino discount bonus is 20 times of granted bonus amount. (Bonus amount is not deducted.)

11- All rules and conditions of bonuses and promotions are specific to promotions or bonuses on the promotions page. Unless otherwise stated, the General Terms and Conditions apply to all bonuses.

12- Users who benefit from no wagering bonuses can earn up to 500 € / $ / £ / ₺ from this promotion type.

13-Users may collect withdrawal amounts through FreeSpin promotions. But in order for this process to be carried out; At least 100 € / $ / £ / ₺ deposit has to be made within 15 days from the date of receipt of FreeSpin.

14-Individuals who have not made a deposit to the user account on the website can withdraw a maximum of 200 € / $ / £ / ₺ via FreeSpinler. The winnings over 200 € / $ / £ / ₺ will be cleared upon completion of the relevant withdrawal.

Bonus Wagering Rules

The general name given to the sum of the bets that must be made to reflect the amount of bonus that you receive as a payable amount to the user account view. Unless otherwise stated, the bonus cycle terms mentioned below are valid for each promotion.

Bonus Wagering

In order to be able to collect credits earned on the bonus and bonus by withdrawal, it is necessary to perform the bonus cycle as specified in the related bonus rules. The terms and conditions of the bonuses may differ from those of the bonuses, and the conditions of the bonus cycles may vary. Unless otherwise stated in the bonus rules, each bonus round is set at 35 times. For example; A bonus of 10 € / $ / £ / ₺ is eligible for withdrawal when a total of 350TL is wagered on the active games with a 100% bonus turn in bonus cycle terms. As can be seen from the given example, the percentage of bonus rounds varies from game to game.
Bonus Wagering Ratios

In order for the bonus to be eligible for withdrawal, the bonus wagering must be completed in keeping with the following calculation.

Bonus Amount X Bonus Wagering Condition x (1 / Bonus Conversion Percentage)

In case of 10€ / $ / £ / ₺ Bonus Amount;

350€ / $ / £ / ₺ for games with 100% Bonus wagering percentage,

3500€ / $ / £ / ₺ for games with a 10% bonus wagering percentage,

In games with a 5% Bonus wagering percantage, the total bet amount must be reached at 7000€ / $ / £ / ₺.

User Responsibilities

Each individual, by opening a user account on the Casinoslot website, the following provisions and obligations;

1-According to the law that the 18 age limit is filled, or the country or territories in which the resident is located, the legal age limit for using luck games services has been filled

2-Use of the chance games offered by the website for entertainment and recreational purposes only

3-Only the services offered on the website can be used by the individual

4-When the Casinoslot user account is opened, the information is definitely accurate and the changes that may be experienced are updated directly by communicating with the website

5-Depending on the country or region of residence; in the event of taxation or information requests that may arise.

6-If the deposits made by the users are not obtained by any illegal or illegal way.

7-If you bet on the games the website offers you are confronted with the risk of losing

8-You agree to abide by all general rules and conditions for all bets and transactions on the games the website offers, otherwise account closure or blockage may apply

9-All deposits and withdrawals made on the website are made by the individual's own account or credit card

10-You acknowledge that all games and services used on the Website are offered only to users under the partnership agreements of Casinoslot and Casinoslot and that legal action may be taken in the event of unauthorized use of these games.

11-When placing bets on interactive games, players can communicate with each other within the frame of general morality rules


Privacy Policy

1-Casinoslot is deemed to have been accepted by each user to record and store user account information opened on the site in order to benefit from the services of the online casino games, to place bets on the games and to benefit from the additional services provided.

2-Casinoslot declares that every individual with a user account on the site will be protected from personal information and that the services received will be kept only between the user and the website.

3-"Personal Information" is used only for the provision of the services of the website and for betting on the games.

4-"Personal Information" is used to verify that an individual is benefiting from these services on their behalf and that he / she places bets on games.

5-Casinoslot does not share user information with any third party. Information can be exchanged in the direction of user requests and wishes or within the scope of relevant laws. This is deemed to have been accepted with this agreement.

6-Every user has the freedom to access the information accumulated in the Casinoslot.

7-User information may be moved from one country to another in order to provide a better service to the users and to improve existing services. This agreement permits this transaction.

8-The Casinoslot user account may request help from a third party company or organization to enable money laundering, fraud detection and prevention of transactions directly related to the transaction. With this agreement, every user accepts this information.

9-Casinoslot is able to publish some users and earnings on the site. This publication is done with 2 or 3 letters of the user's name and is deemed to be allowed by this agreement.

10-In order to increase the experience that users experience on the website, activities performed on the site, input / output operations and user data are automatically recorded by the internet browser. In order to prevent this situation, the cookies kept by the internet browser must be deleted. This process can vary according to each different internet browser.

11-With this agreement, it is accepted that users of the website will be contacted by email, sms or mail because of the changes, updates, updates and informations on the Casinoslot. Users who do not want to communicate in this way can block this by communicating with the website.

Limitations of Liability

1-When the Casinoslot website is used, the user who has internet-based risks is accepted by the account holders and every user should be aware of these risks.

2-Limitation of Liability 1. Subject to the Rules and to the confidentiality, Casinoslot services, services, employees and business partners;

3-If the software or services on the website are suitable for website purpose

4-Software and website do not contain errors

5-It does not guarantee that the software and the game services on the website will be available at all times without interruption.

6-The use of the website and the games on the website are subject to technical failure, expense, internet problems, etc. Casinoslot can not be directly and indirectly responsible for the situations. This also applies to Casinoslot employees, business partners and service providers.

Live Help/Support

1-Live help is provided to make it easier to understand the services and services provided on the website and to support the users. Negotiations and correspondence of users with live assistance are recorded by Casinoslot. The Website reserves the right to review and control these correspondence and negotiations.

2-There are some rules in which live help is available on the website and users are subject to this use. In the event of a breach of these rules, Casinoslot reserves the right to suspend or terminate the user account, terminate the live support and denial service and / or terminate the support service completely, and withdraw the withdrawal costs and receivables from the user account account.

3-Users are in no way permitted to use against customer representatives serving live assistance; racism, sexism and hatred that limit the freedom of belief.

4-Users can not use words that are humiliating or profanity against website employees

5-Users, whatever the reason; No advertisements or promotional statements related to any institution or organization shall be used.

6-Users can not be found in untruthful, realistic and distrustful allegations related to the Casinoslot website and service providers, institutions and other websites affiliated with the website.

7-Through negotiations and correspondence on live assistance no agreement can be made in order to gain unfair advantage and harm other users. If it is found from these initiatives, relevant negotiations and correspondence will be reported to the competent authorities.

Anti Money Laundering and Anti-Fraud Reporting

1-Casinoslot applies all its operations and audits according to the Law on Money Laundering. The global name for the Money Laundering Law is Anti-Money Laundering. All transactions made and user account transactions are examined and inspected according to this law. In case of any irregularity, the website is obliged to give this information to the competent authorities.

2-When there is any suspicious situation related to the services or transactions on the website; the relevant information must be made directly to the Casinoslot.

3-According to the Money Laundering Law; The Casinoslot user account can be suspended or closed. According to the relevant law, Casinoslot has all the authority over user accounts.

Rule Violation, Punishments and Consequences

1-In the case of transactions or actions which are prohibited to be performed and which are bound to this agreement; Casinoslot reserves the right to close the user account, to block and to confiscate the items in user accounts and to collect the possible transaction costs from the users.

2-In the event that the use of the Casinoslot website is linked to any illegal activity, violation of the rules of the agreement and harmful activities against the website, the accounts may be closed and blocked. Casinoslot reserves the right to enforce all such transactions.

3-In case of violation of these rules and conditions; The decision to block access of users to the website can only be decided by Casinoslot. By opening a user account, all these rules are considered accepted.

Canceled and Interrupted Games

1-The website can not be held responsible for technical problems that may occur on casinoslot games, internet-based mistakes, delays or inability to access the website for a short period of time.

2-Casinoslot shall not be held responsible for any claims or losses arising from any loss of information on the Site or due to problems that may be caused by their contents.

3-All bets will be considered void if the website software and systems are for any reason inactive.

4-In the event of any disruption that may occur while betting on any game, the corresponding bets will be returned to the user's account. If the user account is closed; the amounts related to another method are transferred by taking a joint decision with the users.
5-When users experience connection loss due to technical problems they may have with their internet connection or computer; related games continue systematically. Once the user has solved the problem, they can access the results of the games that occurred while the connection was lost.

Restricted Countries:
Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, France, Netherlands, Saba, Singapore, Statia, St Maarten, USA


Casinoslot reserves the right to legally transfer and transfer this agreement to another entity or organization. Users shall not be entitled to any right of transfer or transfer as required by this agreement.

Complaints and Suggestions

1-Users may make complaints and suggestions in writing to support@casinoslot.com.

2-Complaints and suggestions are reviewed by the authorities as soon as possible.

3-If any ambiguity or problem related to the user's account and transactions is reported in writing to support@casinoslot.com, the problem must be explained in detail on screen displays, if any. In these cases, the decision maker is only Casinoslot.

Violation of the Contract

1-This agreement specifies the limits of all services on the website, the limits, what to do in case of disputes between the user and website, and the terms of use of the site.

2-This deal is open to access on the site at all times. Apart from this, some violations that may occur can be notified to judicial cases and administrative institutions.


1-Casinoslot, Casinoslot brand name, Casinoslot logos and Casinoslot'ya all services directly linked to the only owner is Casinoslot'te. The relevant company information is available under the title of this agreement.

2-The casinoslot resource locator (URL Address) is casinoslot.com. No way is the Casinoslot unavailable except for permission. The only rightful owner of your URL is Casinoslot.

3-Casinoslot is the official user and owner of all systems, software and services on the website.

4-Casinoslot is the sole holder of the website's structure, platforms and content. All services, contents and services on this site are protected by copyright. No information, content, statement or game can be used without permission or transferred to another source. Casinoslot will resort to legal means if such a situation occurs.

5-No link or URL address related to any other source on the website can be given without the written consent of Casinoslot.
6-In accordance with the copyrights owned by the Casinoslot; it is assumed that no process or service on the site can be tracked or recorded.

7-In accordance with the copyrights owned by the Casinoslot; it is assumed that no process or service on the site can be tracked or recorded.

8-Casinoslot will initiate legal proceedings in the event of any violation of the copyright rules.